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Reciprocating Pumps Manufacturing. ODESSA AND PETROFLOW Pumps can be used for numerous oil field and industrial applications.

Pulsation Dampener Zero Maintenance.

Our products are manufactured for use in reciprocating and centrifugal pumps such as the Ajax, Goulds, Ingersoll Rand, National, Aldrich, Worthington, Wheatley and many other pumps. All our parts and components are manufactured by CNC equipment and pass a rigorous inspection and testing process before being placed in stock. All our parts are warranted to meet or exceed the requirements of the OEM.

ODESSA PETROLEUM INTL, manufactures components for many plunger pumps including the Ajax and National. Our discharge and suction valves are designed to operate from 5 to 15,000 PSI. The valves are manufactured from Monel and 17-4 before being heat treated to Rockwell C 70 hardness to provide a longer life. Other materials can also be used depending on customer requirements.

Our V-Ring packing are used in centrifugal, reciprocating, and static applications. This packing is flexible enough to provide leak prevention yet still function in temperatures from –50oF to 500oF and pressures up to 30,000 PSI. The materials used in the packing are a blend of Cotton Duct, Synthetic Composite, Nitrile, and PFTE.

We manufacture all types of bearings from a wide range of materials such as Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, 660 Bronze, Cast Iron, and Babbitt. Chromalloy, ceramic, and rockite can be used to coat areas that are subject to abrasive wear for better resistance and longer life. OPE manufactures all the components used in centrifugal pumps and we have extended experience in the petrochemical industry. We manufacture mechanical seals as well as the impellers, shafts, sleeves. Plungers may be manufactured from many different materials depending on the application. The adapters manufactured by OPE are always manufactured from stainless steel for the best overall corrosion resistance. For most saltwater, chemical, and metering applications ceramic plungers are the best choice except when pumping hazardous materials.



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